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Water is essential for a healthy and vibrant landscape. With our knowledgeable team we can design an irrigation system that puts water where it is needed, when it is needed, and uses the right amount of water giving you a lush landscaping and a green yard. It saves you time money while being much more convienent than dragging around a garden hose! ...read more

A low voltage lighting system makes your property and landscape enjoyable long after the sun goes down. While being an efficient in using electricity, correctly placed fixtures highlight architectural details in buildings and enhances plant material in ways not seen in natural daylight. ...read more

The plumbing system is an essential part in any buildings functionality and not having it work correctly can cause major problems and safety issues for you, your family, or employees. From water heaters, to facuet repair, we can help you maintain a safe and problem free plumbing system. ...read more

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Your Questions Answered

How often should I water?

This all depends on the weather. In the spring months (April and May) typically 3 times a weak is enough, with 20-30 minutes on your....more

What is a Backflow Preventer Assembly?

A Backflow preventer assembly is installed on a water source to prevent non-potable (contaminated or potentially contaminated) water from getting back into a potable (clean) water supply....more

My Pipes Froze! Now what?

First thing you should do is turn the water off to your system which is located where your main water line comes into the house which is. ...more

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