How often should I water my lawn?

This all depends on the weather. In the spring months (April and May) typically 3 times a week is enough, with 20-30 minutes on your rotary zones and 10-15 minutes on your spray zones.

In the summer months, depending how dry it is, you may need to water 5-7 times a week. The best time to water is early in the morning between 3:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m.

If you know that is going to rain the following day you can either turn that day to off or turn the dial to off and just turn it back on when it is time to water again. Another factor to consider is soil types. Some soils may contain clay or sand in them, which in that case your lawn will require more water


What is a Backflow Preventer Assembly?

A Backflow preventer assembly is installed on a water source to prevent non-potable (contaminated or potentially contaminated) water from getting back into a potable (clean) water supply. They are required by law to be installed to ensure that your drinking water remains clean. These assemblies are also required by your state to be tested at least once a year. At Evergreen Irrigation we are licenced to install and test backflow preventer assemblies in Illinois as well as Wisconsin.

What do I do in the case of a “Freeze and Break”?

What do I do in case of a freeze and I have not had my system winterized or already started up my system?
First thing you should do is turn the water off to your system.  This valve is typically located where your main water line comes into the house which is usually in your crawl space or basement.

Sometimes the shutoff valve may be located in a separate meter pit outside your house. If you cannot locate this valve there are two valves on your backflow preventer, turn both off by turning them a quarter turn so that they are perpendicular with the backflow preventer.

The most important thing to do is to be sure to wrap your backflow preventer with a towel or blanket so that it will help prevent it from freezing.

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