Evergreen Irrigation is now able to aerate your lawn.

Please call or e-mail for pricing.

Benefits of choosing Evergreen Irrigation, Inc to aerate your lawn:

  1. Evergreen Irrigation will locate your sprinkler heads, flag them, and avoid hitting them – we guarantee that there will be no damage to the system.
  2. No need to pay an extra charge for us to mark heads for a landscape company to perform the service.

Evergreen Irrigation now offers lawn aeration services with complimentary sprinkler head flaggingLawn aeration involves making holes in the lawn and extracting plugs of soil so that your lawn can get more oxygen and thrive. Note: Other companies may hit your sprinkler heads or require you to flag them yourself. This may result in an additional service or material charge for you.

Reasons to consider aeration:

  1. Oxygen more easily gets to the roots so your lawn and soil can “breathe”.
  2. Fertilizers and nutrients get access to the root system.
  3. Water is better able to soak the soil and reach the roots.
  4. Helps break up thatch.
  5. Soil is loosened, stimulating vigorous root growth.
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